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All About the Internet of Things (IoT)

Who would have thought 20 years ago that people could use our phones to steal passwords, money, email accounts and provide personal details about us like fingerprint and heart rate data? Besides computers and cell phones, more devices are connecting to the internet, becoming the “Internet of Things”. As a result, more connectivity creates more digital vulnerability.

Welcome to the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), where everything digital connects to every aspect of our lives, homes, offices, etc. New developments in Wi-Fi networks and technology are happening at a dangerously fast pace. By 2020 there will be over 40 billion active wireless devices. The target level of cybercrimes as increased due to it. Unless we move fast we will face an inevitable disaster.

The vulnerabilities found in IoT are staggering because of the issues that come with rapid growth. Development of IoT is another example of security lags behind innovation. Some of the most worrisome cases of IoT hacks involve medical devices with consequences on patients’ health and automobiles resulting in decreasing passenger security. When successful hacks can result in deaths or health safety, suddenly matter gets people’s’ attention.

Here is the good news: IoT security is becoming a huge concern. Several measures have been taken to bridge the gap and prevent security breaches at the device level, and efforts are being led to tackle major disasters before they come. Some major corporations have had to deal with IoT security, so they are joining the cause to help get this under control. A lot of research is being conducted to enhance IoT security.

We need a sound plan for installing security updates on IoT devices. Each consumer will likely soon own tens — if not hundreds — of connected devices. Manually installing updates on all of these is out of the question. It can also be risky to have manufacturers automatically push them. You must put proper safeguards to prevent updating interfaces from becoming security holes themselves.

What is evident is that the IoT will become an important part of our lives very soon, and its security is one of the major issues that must be addressed via active participation by the entire global tech community. Will we be able to harness this most-hyped, emerging technology that will undoubtedly revolutionize the world? Or will we open a Pandora’s Box that will spiral the world into a new age of mayhem and chaos? Let’s hope for the former.

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