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Cybersecurity Solution: What to Look For

What to Look For in a Cybersecurity Solution

With data breaches becoming a more and more common occurrence in today’s forever advancing technological world, it is natural for organizations to look for ways to enhance their cybersecurity solutions. Recent studies done by IBM and the Ponemon Institute found that the average data breach costs a company roughly $3.5 million, leading corporations all across the globe to take a “more is better” approach to securing their data.

Unfortunately, in the realm of cybersecurity more doesn’t always mean better. In fact, adopting more solutions without considering how it will fit into the current security plan of your SOC can lead to more work and less efficiency by producing additional information without context. So now, let’s explore three questions to ask yourself before investing in a new cybersecurity solution.

Will the solution make my SOC more proactive?

Since many IT security professionals spend hours attempting to manually review alerts, collecting more threat intelligence will only worsen the issue by adding for an already-overwhelmed SOC. However, a tool that provides orchestration and situational awareness by integrating threat intelligence with remediation allows security professionals to detect and kill any attacks and work to identify similar threats in the future.

Will I see a return on my investment?

As with any other investment, it is important to remember the age-old saying, “if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense”. Reading research and product case studies will allow you to estimate how and when you’ll recoup your initial investment. Once you’ve reviewed enough data, you can make an informed decision on whether adopting the new security solution makes sense.

Will the solution make my team more effective?

The primary goal is to optimize your security operations management. This begins with maximizing the potential of each of your team members’ skills. This means senior staffers must lead by example, tackling complex issues, while junior team members watch and learn the ins and outs. A tool that can automatically resolve simple tasks while guiding a user through a recommended course of action when necessary would help junior staffers learn. This would also free up some of the senior team members’ time to focus on tougher challenges.  

CyberSponse SOAR Solution

Today’s cybersecurity teams have access to a wide range of cybersecurity solutions. The key for these teams in the future is to only incorporate new security systems complementary to their current systems. This is better than implementing a cybersecurity solution that duplicates or complicates the existing solution system in place. Learn more about CyberSponse SOAR solution by going to the website!