Vulnerability Management

Integrate vulnerability scanners and asset data for optimized risk management monitoring

Vulnerability Management

Integrate Security Scanners

CyOPs™ is agnostic and compatible with all enterprise security scanners providing the ability to:

  • Integrate with numerous security scanners
  • Run both scheduled and on-demand asset scans
  • Automatically obtain scan reports 
  • Link scan reports to respective alerts as correlations, decreasing incident response time

Trigger Automation Processes From Scan Reports

Once the scanned data is imported into CyOPs™ via the API, then the following automated processes can be completed: 

  • Run automated playbooks to isolate malicious endpoints automatically through enterprise EDR tool integrations
  • Instantly trigger comprehensive network asset scans
  • Target specific types of scans on network endpoints

Manage Scan Reports

Archiving scan history is an important activity for enabling an informed investigation security operations workflow. The CyOPs™ Vulnerability Management solution enables our customers to:

  • Store scan data in a user-optimal manner, which makes referencing the data more efficient
  • Define scan report parameters and instantly show scan results for playbook triggers
  • Refer and correlate scan data, and enable automation playbooks as required
  • Re-trigger scans or schedule new scans, based on security team demands