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Manage Incident Alerts Using Security Automation & Orchestration

Simplify protection from cyber attacks, manage incident alerts using security automation & orchestration solutions. Many companies will implement a combination of security solutions to protect them from all angles. Each solution produces its own alerts which require the attention of a SecOps team to manage incident alerts. SecOps teams become bombarded with alerts; this can lead to an overwhelmed team and, more importantly, a vulnerable organization.

The problem

Simply put, there are too many alerts. So, the importance of having solutions in place cannot be stressed enough. However, as the number of attacks and threats increases, so does the number of alerts. To prevent these types of attacks, security systems must send alerts to the SecOps team so they can further investigate the issue.

Unfortunately, the number of alerts that these solutions generate has lead to a “boy who cried wolf” scenario. Large enterprises can receive anywhere between 10,000 to 150,000 security alerts per day. With so many alerts coming in it is virtually impossible to review all the alerts. As a result, roughly 70% of alerts are ignored – ones that can potentially lead to a breach.

What about alert triage?

Alert triage has become a popular solution to “alert overloads.” Alert triage allows a SecOps team to scan a collection of alerts based on a specific set of criteria, gauge how serious a potential threat would be, and prioritize the investigations. Although this seems like a reliable solution, it’s incredibly faulty. Because of this, alert triage can lead to missing a real attack. Although alert triage sounds like an ideal solution, it’s not feasible to ignore a large volume of alerts and expect to defend your organization.

Current incident alert management strategies:  

  • Are unable to adapt to evolving threats
  • Have integration issues
  • Don’t provide enough background information
  • Are merely too high maintenance, often requiring multiple screens and applications
The only true solution

The only true solution to manage alerts is to do so through security automation and orchestration. Security automation is the automatic handling of security operations-related tasks without human intervention. Security orchestration is the process of accumulating a collection of tools and resources to collectively work together to improve an organization’s security operations. Together, automation and orchestrations improve the overall security workflows, processes, and alert management by eliminating the need for manual human-intervention and instead of replacing it with machine-speed decision making and responses. It works hand-in-hand to integrate the tools you have to better serve your organization and manage incident alerts.

How Cybersponse can help

Cybersponse incorporates security automation and orchestration to help eliminate the possibility of a missed threat. It allows your organization to:

  • Centralize security operations
  • Automate strenuous tasks
  • Reduce the complexity behind cybersecurity

All of the benefits of security automation and orchestration ultimately lead to a reduced overall mean time to a resolution that can help save your organization’s data from breaches. Cybersponse’s industry-leading SOAR technology can provide the solution to your incident alert management process so you can respond to every alert without fear of cyber threats.