Automated Triage, Investigate, Remediate, Hunt

CyOPs™ augments SIEMs and alerts from various sources to aid an investigation, initiate auto-remediation, and actively hunt for anomalies using threat intel feeds and best practices.

Security Automation, Triage, Investigate, Remediate, Hunt

Triage and Prioritize Alerts

Alert fatigue and response time are key factors in the success of all Security Operation Centers. 

Uncovering potential compromises and threat candidates early while also filtering out false positives is critical to maintaining a secure network. CyOPs™ automates and connects your SOC’s processes and integrations to effectively triage and prioritize alters, such as:

  • Connects to threat intel providers to enrich indicators and alerts
  • The auto enrichment reporting filters allow true-positive threat candidates to be filtered and sorted into severity queues, then a notification is automatically created to alert team members
  • Auto task assignment workflows provide alert and incident escalation

Investigate Incidents

Important alerts are cornered by auto-triaging playbooks, workflows then begin the automated investigation of the incidents to achieve remediation and response. For example, the following processes can be automated to increase incident response efficiency:  

  • Are the malicious indicators found elsewhere in the network? Search SIEM logs
  • Were malicious email links clicked on by any network users? Search Email Gateway Logs
  • Search Endpoints to find copies and traces of the identified malicious hash and IP
  • Obtain more relevant data from threat intelligence reports specific to the IOCs
  • Correlate alert and incident data for threat hunting and exploration