SOAR Platform / Blog / This Week in Cyber News: September 14-20, 2015

This Week in Cyber News: September 14-20, 2015

In case you missed it, here are this past week’s articles and blog posts compiled by CyberSponse.

Healthcare Breaches Are a Cybercriminal’s Dream
CyberSponse CEO Joe Loomis was interviewed in an article about Excellus BlueCross BlueShield breach. Healthcare records are the big “hits” that cybercriminals dream about. Healthcare records contain information more valuable than that in retail and even tax documents.

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Highmark customers’ data may have been exposed in Blue Cross cyberattack


Data Breaches by the Numbers
The Breach Level Index infographic for easier viewing. Identity theft accounts for 53% and malicious outsiders are the source for 62%. Healthcare & government are the leading industries experiencing data breaches.

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Breach Level Index Website


Safer to Respond to or Simply Ignore an Email from the CEO?
Do you have the checks & balances in place to avoid the potential of becoming a victim of a business phishing scam?

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Fraud Alert – Business E-mail Compromise Continues to Swindle and Defraud U.S. Businesses

US-CERT “Security Tip (ST04-014): Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks

Hackers Trick Email Systems into Wiring them Large Sums


Is Cybersecurity a Big Concern for the 2016 Presidential Election?
2016 presidential election is 417 days away. Are cyber attacks a concern for the election?

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64 Percent of American Voters Predict 2016 Presidential Campaign Will Be Hacked

Voters concerned a cyberattack could impact the 2016 presidential election

Let’s School the Presidential Hopefuls on Cybersecurity

Five predictions for cybersecurity’s role in the 2016 presidential race

Hack the vote: Cyber experts say ballot machines easy targets


Baby monitors – an unexpected employer risk
Baby monitors potentially expose employer networks to hackers, leaving valuable & sensitive data unprotected.


Insecure Apps in the Workplace – Does Convenience Trump Security?
Does convenience trump security? What does your company do about insecure apps usage?

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