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[News] The New CyOPs™ V5.1.0 Release

CyOPs™ v5.1.0 is Now Available

We have exciting news to share! The #1 SOAR Platform CyOPs™ v5.1.0 update for enterprise customers and community users is now available. CyOPs™ v5.1.0 combines improved automation, speed, and a multitude of available Integrations, all in this power-packed release! We encourage you to try the CyOPs community edition, which gives you unrestricted free access to the full Enterprise version of the platform for 45 days!

Playbook Enhancements

CyOPs™ v5.1.0 delivers UI performance improvements and parallel branch playbook execution capability for accelerated playbooks! 

High Availability & MSSP Updates

 CyOPs™ v5.1.0 has streamlined the HA configuration and the takeover process, making these processes single-step operations. 

Performance Improvements

The CyOPs™ v5.1.0 update further refines the overall usability, speed, and responsiveness of the platform, significantly improving the user’s experience.


CyOPs™ v5.1.0 Release Highlights

We are proud to announce the CyberSponse Security Orchestration Platform (CyOPs) v5.1.0 release! The release is packed with exciting new features, here is a brief overview. 

  • Various bug fixes and enhancements, significantly improving usability. 
  • Strengthening playbook execution control. Playbook enhancements now support parallel executions, terminating playbooks, and the ability to re-trigger failed playbooks. 
  • Newly available connectors are now optimized for seamless data ingestion using the updated Data Ingestion Wizard.  
  • All new UPSERT support now includes the ability to define data deduplication conditions per module and support for controlling update behaviors upon conflict.
  • Additional enhancements to both the HA and multi-tenant offerings.

And much more!


High Availability

The High Availability (HA) support enhancements make CyOPs™ more effective than ever before.  Now users have the ability to configure email notifications, in the event of a service failure within your HA cluster. The HA configuration and the takeover process have been simplified, making these processes single-step operations.

Performance Optimization

Dramatic improvement in the overall functionality and responsiveness of the CyOPs™ platform with several new upgrades, including; HA & MSSP enhancements, UPSERT support, enriched OOB playbook library, and various bug fixes.

Data Ingestion Wizard Improvements

Enhanced Data Ingestion Wizard UI and mapping ability along with newly available integrations are now optimized for flawless data ingestion! Bi-directional integrations between CyOPs™ and external cybersecurity tools can now be activated and used, maximizing efficiency and allowing out-of-the-box playbooks to be instantaneously available. 

MSSP Enhancements

Enhancements to CyOPs™ MSSP capabilities include the ability to easily off-board tenants. Enabling you to seamlessly manage, synchronize, and customize the configurations of master and tenant nodes. Additional Jinja support has been added providing the ability to reference a remote Playbook step, simplifying the user experience and making playbook development more efficient.


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