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Behind The RSA Conference

Behind the RSA conference; No need to call the gang from Mystery Inc. Our post today is here to give you answers to the mystery that everyone is trying to figure out: the mystery of why CyberSponse wasn’t there on the last day of the RSA Conference.

The RSA conference this year has attracted the biggest crowd of vendors and attendees since its beginning. It was especially a fascinating and exciting time for companies in security automation and orchestration space.

CyberSponse’s staff felt the hype and enthusiasm among visitors while visiting CyberSpone’s booth. Our company has a different style and approach and has managed to build an enterprise that has a lot of people talking. Sometimes we wonder if the word “disruption” is supposed to mean “similar” or alike because of what we see in the industry today like identical marketing by everyone, does not remind of any disruption. CyberSponse enjoys disruption and will continue to expand on our innovation. Hey, has anyone really built anything without ruffling a few feathers? Not likely.

Today, more than ever, to create a niche for yourself, you need to “disrupt” the current process or offer in order to create something more efficient and logical. At the end of the day, CyberSponse offers an entirely different perspective and others are very interested to see and explore it.

While this topic can create a debate that would last till the “cows come home”… In recent past, we have seen Uber disrupt the taxi industry, Netflix sends Blockbuster into dissolution, and the cybersecurity industry creates billions of dollars of value. It is clear there is no “cookie-cutter” way to run or build a business.

So back to disruption and breaking some of the molds of creation. What does it really mean to disrupt and build something new or completely different? Well, Google defines the word “disrupt” as:

dis·rupt, verb

  • To interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.
  • To throw into confusion, throw into disorder, throw into disarray, cause confusion/turmoil in, play havoc with drastically alter or destroy the structure of (something).

Although some could argue that building a business on deception is fair game, I think it is wrong. Moreover, I believe that the industry is tired of all of it. This sector has also seen teams choose to pick their share of battles amongst each other too. We all know that it’s not something that is healthy or helps to provide a better service to protect our customers and country.

Let’s get back to the mystery… So why did we leave the last day? The answer is pretty simple. Our team had four 20-hour days in a row. I made the call to let them join their families for some R&R. While I would never have thought that so many people would have asked us about our “early” departure, it has me thinking that maybe we’ll do it next year but with a big sign that says, “We Left to Continue Solving Problems” – kidding of course – or am I?

We all know that behind the RSA conference, the last day of RSA tends to be slow, probably due to the fact that everyone was up until 2-3am for the last three days. We also know that most of us are hoarse from all the talking we’re doing with loud techno music playing in a club filled with industry peers. Leaving RSA was in our best interest. It allowed CyberSponse to take home some incredible opportunities with customers that have the demand exceeding all our expectations and projections. Was it a good call? Looking back, I would not have changed anything.  Although I think we should have posted an explanation on our social media channels. It’s better to explain than let anyone “fill in the blank” and we have heard some interesting assumptions about why we left.

As many of you know, I tend to call it as I see it and I am very transparent about my intentions in life, competing in the market and also who out there is real and who is not. This team and I are here to solve problems. We are here to create and not take from anyone, we aim to innovate and not copy, and our main mission is to protect companies and countries from adversaries.

More importantly, we are here to protect our creativity, domain, and ideas. Many brilliant people have come and gone, but few know how to execute an idea. If you can do both, then you are dangerous or disruptive. Disruptive in a good way, making other people aim higher, be more creative and work harder.

The world we live in today is no cupcake or joyride, creating millions of dollars in value and defending your domain in a highly competitive space is no easy feat. Operating in this competitive environment can at times leave scars on your back.

So why did CyberSponse leave RSA? We left because we love what we do and needed to get back to work. I do apologize if we missed anyone at the show who wanted to meet us. If this is the case, we want to apologize by sending you one of our new high-tech SOC BRICKS & BLOCK kits for free. Just reach out to our team through social media, and we’ll hook you up.

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