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The Importance of Security Orchestration Automation Response

Various companies and organizations keep getting hacked before they realize the importance of security orchestration automation response. Every single hack becomes a great marketing opportunity for various cyber-related companies and investors. The stock market keeps soaring in 2017; this year has especially been good for those companies that specialize in mitigating major damages in cyber.

In the world of finance, there is a relatively new exchange-traded fund for cybersecurity companies. The ticker symbol, HACK, has surged, nearly over 24 percent in the past year.

Major data breaches at health insurance providers and banks are the reason why stocks have been doing so well. These attacks have reminded investors and stockholders of how important it is for a company to have protection.

After the 2016 elections – where the cyber breach played an important role in the process – multiple politicians have emphasized the importance of cybersecurity. Some CEOs have teamed up with the government and stressed the need for better protection of businesses and consumers from attacks while also safeguarding their privacy.

Nevertheless, cybersecurity stocks are not hitting record-breaking numbers only because of headlines. All the cyber attacks are giving more and more opportunities for different areas of cybersecurity and an immediate need for having tools and to organize them. As a result, more cybersecurity tools are being introduced to the market every day.

Most Security Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR) products have had their best quarter to date and many new hires. SOAR is more important than ever – it helps to maximize all cybersecurity tools on the stack and automate them in order to achieve the best security.

The question

So the question is: is this just another bubble or the next big thing in tech? Can these stocks sustain stability? Some of these companies are just not profitable. Most are selling at 100-600 times their share value.  This is the first time the community has seen triple-digit valuations since NASDAQ topped 5,000 back in March 2000.

Needless to say, cybersecurity companies are going to be busy improving security while expecting their revenues and profits to climb. Companies will buy different tools to protect against different attacks, so how can we organize all this? The answer is easy – CyberSponse, the best in security orchestration automation response.

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