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Spot the Fake – How Are Hackers Using Fake Apps to Steal Your Data?

CyberSponse CEO Joe Loomis spoke with Liz Claman on Fox Business Network’s Countdown to the Closing Bell. They discussed the problem that mobile phone owners are facing with fake apps created by hackers on their phones. You will see in this interview that you cannot tell the difference between the real app and fake app, when looking at it on the surface.

Why should we worry? What can these fake apps steal?

  • Phone call recordings
  • Text messages
  • Chrome website history
  • Location
  • Contacts
  • Photos

What are some steps you can take to protect your device?

  • Stick to Google Play/Apple stores when you download or purchase an app
  • Watch for security updates and make sure you install them quickly
  • Consider anti-virus software
  • Read apps’ reviews
  • Be wary of apps requesting too few privileges

The data on your phone is like hitting the jackpot for cyber criminals. They can get your financial information and your friends’ and family’s addresses. The hackers can start texting your contacts’ phones from your phone number with malicious code.

As we get more connected as each day goes by, cyber is growing in importance for both companies and their consumers.

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