Large Retail Stores

Retail is one of the most lucrative markets for cyber criminals. The number of devices and the sheer volume of data is often difficult in itself to protect, contain and monitor. Without properly configured monitoring systems, effective procedures and a mature approach, cyber security will forever increase its budget demands on an organization. Lowering risk and protecting the shareholders is top priority for all security team members and executives. To accomplish this, the team must build a real-time, system-wide, security operational awareness program and execute it with a platform technology like SecOps360.

Large Retail, CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform, Incident Response

CyberSponse Security Operations Platform provides security teams with full time visualization of all team statuses while automating many of the daily functions of security operations. This means a significant reduction in time to resolution, less likely to miss that important alert and can be the difference between sending a simple reports and walking the CEO out the door.

Some of the key features CyberSponse includes for Large Retail companies are:

  •  Easy-to-understand visualization
  •  Enterprise case management for both physical and cyber threats
  •  ISAC threat intelligence sharing capabilities
  •  DHS STIX & TAXII compatibility
  •  Enterprise-level API integration capabilities
  •  Enterprise visual workflow engine
  •  Business Intelligence reporting appliance
  •  Role Base Access Control (RBAC)