Security incidents affecting infrastructure can have profound impacts on our world’s way of life. When the power goes out or the water turns off, human life becomes gravely at risk while waiting for response efforts to get the systems back up-and-running. Coordinating, commanding, monitoring and calculating these response efforts all when the very communications network itself may be compromised poses a major and alarming challenge.

Infrastructure, CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform, Incident Response

CyberSponse Security Operations Platform provides infrastructure physical & cyber security teams with a secure and out-of-band communication, coordination, management platform so even if the power or Internet is out, the team can still coordinate its efforts via satellite connection, hotspot or laptop. CyberSponse brings security operations to a whole new level of maturity and sophistication.

Some of the key features CyberSponse includes for infrastructure response teams are:

  •  Secure collaboration, management & communications
  •  Business continuity controls & policies
  •  Disaster recovery policy capabilities
  •  STIX & TAXII compatibility
  •  Trusted sharing of intelligence
  •  Enterprise visual workflow engine
  •  Customizable evidence case management