Hospitals, Clinics, and Insurance

Almost all health records contain the most sensitive data in existence. With extensive laws and regulations demanding the digital push of health records, the risk of threat is overwhelming increasing. Secondly, with the governing the protection of patient data, coordinating an effective security operations team is extremely difficult due to the lack of resources in the market today.

Healthcare, CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform, Incident Response

CyberSponse Security Operations Platform provides a secure collaboration and operational management environment to enable organizations the proper process, controls, coordination and monitoring needed to deal with Protected Health Information (PHI). Security operations and productivity is directly proportional to ability to combat cyber threats and continually shore up your defenses.

Some of the key features CyberSponse includes for healthcare organizations are:

  •  Secure HIPAA-compliant hosted solution
  •  Encrypted at Rest & In Transit Data
  •  Secure on-premise appliance options
  •  Engage mature operations management processes
  •  Easy-to-use interface for even small security teams
  •  Evidence management for legal or law enforcement cases
  •  Enterprise visual workflow engine