Federal, State, and International

In no other sector are the ramifications of delayed mitigation of cyber and physical security incidents as grave as they are in Government operations. With time always of the essence, Government CERT & Law Enforcement teams are generally spread out over wide geographies the ability to coordinate response, tactical commands and defensive efforts is often a formidable task.

Workflow Automation, CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform, Incident Response

CyberSponse Security Operations Platform provides Government agencies of all sizes with effective and streamlined command-and-control capabilities to help ensure that essential & critical operations continue uninterrupted while mitigation efforts are always underway.

Some of the key features CyberSponse includes for governmental organizations are:

  •  On premise or FedRamp* capabilities
  •  Configurable to government standards (NIST or ISO)
  •  DHS STIX with TAXII compatibility
  •  Enterprise visual workflow engine
  •  Fully customizable page design, feature & functions
  •  Cross Agency intelligence sharing, coordination & communication