Financial Institutions

Nowhere are the costs of delayed breach mitigation or threat defenses more apparent than in the Financial Services sector. With real money at risk, it is critical to prevent, mitigate or stop a threat as early as possible. Organizations within this sector typically have a large security presence and because of that, the coordination and daily operation of such a large team can be often overwhelming or even impossible.

Financial, CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform, Incident Response

CyberSponse Security Operations Platform provides financial institutions with a centralized command-and-control center to maintain constant vigilance and awareness of the cyber, physical and threat defense strategy. Coordinating efforts between these resources becomes streamlined and automated, preventing massive amounts of time lost, confusion, inability to communicate, unnecessary stress or increased damages. Too many security events have demonstrated today that lack of communication and coordination compounds any type of event that threatens your network of facilities.

Some of the key features CyberSponse includes for financial institutions are:

  •  Secure on-premise appliance capabilities
  •  Legal or forensic case management integration
  •  PCI Compliant Secure Cloud
  •  DHS STIX/TAXII compatibility
  •  Security operations management platform
  •  Semi or fully automated policy controls & procedures
  •  Mature Role-based access control
  •  Enterprise visual workflow engine