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SOAR Solution Update: CyberSponse’s CyOPs™ 5.1.2 Latest Release

We are excited to announce CyOPs™ 5.1.2, CyberSponse’s Latest Release!

Our latest SOAR Solution update is here! The CyberSponse Security Orchestration Platform (CyOPs™) 5.1.2 release is a patch release. Our platform is a holistic & enterprise built security orchestration and security automation workbench that empowers incident response teams. Using our SOAR solution allows you to respond to cyber incidents at machine speed! CyberSponse provides the latest updated information to our customers. The CyOPs™ 5.1.2 User Interface has been tested on the following browsers:

  • Chrome version 77.0.3865.120,
  • Firefox version 69.0.3
  • Internet Explorer version 11.418.1362.0

The 5.1.2 CyOPs™ release focuses on several key bug fixes and workarounds. For more specific information regarding the latest update release, contact your CyberSponse technical resource or email us to learn more or try our Community Edition.


The premier trusted SOAR provider, CyberSponse will harness the full power of your security stack, team, and processes. Our integrated chat facilitates minute-by-minute security analyst collaboration. Create standardized, repeatable, and consistent processes to increase efficiency in your onboarding plan for new SOC team members. CyOPs™ enables you to take your current manual processes and convert them to trackable, automated, and uniform processes through its automation framework. CyOPs™ has out-of-the-box processes that enable new team members to quickly learn proper and effective incident response methods and procedures. Follow our blog for the latest SOAR solution updates!

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