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SOAR like an Eagle

Security Operation Center is a well structured and organized department dedicated to quickly respond to alerts and solve incidents. If you have ever visited or worked at a Security Operation Center, you understand how difficult it is to get your system, cybersecurity tools, and staff to coordinate and streamline different detection and response to all incoming attacks.

A difficult task

A particularly daunting task is figuring out which threats are actually “real” by correlating data and coordinating the appropriate response. With the new technology arriving in the cyber world every day, teams need to stay agile, adapt and learn quickly.

The main challenge is to organize all new technology and tools to make sure that it’s not difficult to notice real threats in that noise. This is where security orchestration comes in. Security orchestration and incident response automation are done by connecting security tools and integrating disparate security systems. This connected layer streamlines and centralizes security processes and powers security automation.

The importance of SOAR

With the mass output created from today’s security tools, it’s no question security centers are experiencing serious alert fatigue. That is where a security orchestration automation response product comes handy. It coordinates the flow of data and tasks by integrating existing tools and processes into repeatable, automatable playbooks. Security orchestration platform connects your systems, tools, and processes together. This allows you to leverage automation, getting more value out by diminishing response time and automating repetitive manual tasks. By introducing cybersecurity orchestration and automation tool, you replace slow and manual processes with contextual decision making and fast responses.

Automated systems are shifting from a luxury to a necessity. It has become more complex to manage a variety of security tools and process them manually. This leads to inefficiency and increases human error. Additionally, the effort to manually retrieve data is extensive and timely.

How to stay ahead

The good news is that security orchestration takes these tasks and delivers results with far better accuracy. This leaves managers with more time to work on the business aspect of their job, knowing they have the “best of the best” – CyberSponse – taking care of their cyber protection.

It is no secret that every company has moving parts, so it is impossible to stay ahead without some form of automation. With security orchestration, product companies can take those complex processes, put them in seamless and automated playbooks. With security orchestration and automation response in place, security teams can automate users by adding or subtracting them from the pre-built integrations your business uses and the custom playbooks that they can access.

Adaptation of security orchestration and automation incident response (SOAR) platform will transform your team in a big way. It will allow your team to concentrate on the strategic business insights and build a deeper layer of defense. In addition, SOARs help connect the dots between each tool, better-informing security team members during an incident. So who is the best at automating these playbooks? The answer is simple: CyberSponse.

How we can help

CyberSponse Inc., a global leader in cybersecurity automation and orchestration, helps accelerate an organization’s processes, security operations teams and incident responders. The CyberSponse platform also enables organizations to seamlessly integrate, automate and playbook their security tool stack, enabling better, faster and more effective security operations. Moreover, with a global presence, offering an enterprise platform, CyberSponse enables organizations to secure their security operations teams and environments. For more information, visit our homepage.

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