Role Based Custom Dashboards

Insights that empower better decisions and data modeling

Custom Role Based Dashboards

CyOPs offers customers enterprise dashboards enabling better decision making.

  • Choose from multiple canned dashboards from multiple perspectives
  • Export and import dashboard templates
  • Export dashboard views as PDFs

With our intuitive drag and drop interface, CyOPs has the ability to define page layouts, fields, dropdowns and picklists.

  • Intuitive drag and drop, visual layout builder for creating dashboard templates or pages
  • Use multiple widgets like charts, listings, counters, performance metrics to create rich views and data models
  • Use formatting options like colors, labels, format and configurations to make dashboards more valuable.

Assign multiple roles to each dashboard to control visibility across the team.

  • Ability to assign roles and permissions to dashboard templates
  • Ability to make selected dashboards as default for all system users
  • Ability to create user-specific dashboards and reports