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Email Phishing is Very Effective – Heres Why

Email phishing is still quite an effective method of cybercrime. It raises the question – WHY is it still so effective after all these years? People of all ages, professions, and genders continue to fall for these scams. The article below shows that government officials at all levels in the current administration are also guilty of being a victim to these email phishing attacks.

When it comes to phishing attacks, it is very clear:

  • Phishing attacks continue to increase and that will only continue if the effectiveness of this method continues.
  • Targeted attacks are increasing year after year, with great precision that improves each year.
  • Security professionals are having a difficult time keeping pace with phishing attacks, with human nature the most difficult part of the equation to control.

Education is a key factor in the attempt to combat phishing attacks. Think about it. How often does your company train its employees on cybersecurity and what everyone can do to stay safe from attack? Often employees will receive training directly after an attack has happened or at the start of employment, perhaps in a new employee orientation program. However, is the training repeated on an annual basis, semi-annual basis, quarterly basis or at all?

In the article below, CyberSponse CEO Joe Loomis talks about this.

“Even if an individual has been trained by his or her agency to identify and avoid phishing scams, one cybersecurity course will not be enough to make that person change his or her behavior in the long run, especially if it’s their personal email and their guard is down”.

“Statistically, if employees are not retrained to avoid phishing scams within 90 days, they start to click [on the malicious links] again”.

Is ongoing education part of your security plan?

Read the full article in Business Insider: