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Patient Data Systems Should Be Secure

Every healthcare organization’s website should be secure. Patients should feel safe knowing that cybercriminals cannot access all of their private and personal information. Moreover, patients should be able to pay bills, upload or download medical records and even communicate with their doctor safely. But cybercriminals can make a lot of money from stolen medical data and are constantly attempting to take health care data.

CyberSponse is an automated security management and control platform that will identify security incidents and help to quickly mitigate damage caused by threats. Additionally, Cybersponse is designed to reduce response time to close the door quickly on damage caused by data attacks. Management can then review the data through their reporting module to resolve the incident and streamline and mitigate future threats.

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Joe Loomis: Practice what you preach. There are standards and organizations out there like High Trust that have healthcare frameworks to protect from these types of security compromises. Why is the government not following their own practices or relying on these innovators and these standards and protocols out there in order to protect us?

Female Interviewer: Is it true that cybercriminals can actually make a whole lot more money with the loot of stolen medical data, as opposed to, say, credit card data, Joe?

Joe: It’s about 20 to 1. For every medical record, they can make $20 to compare to a credit card number, which is on average about a dollar. So you can see with the healthcare push going in 2015 with all‑digital records and medical devices that now that’s going to be the new honeypot. That’s where the healthcare system is going to have to step their game up big‑time.

Female Interviewer: And make sites like and other medically sensitive sites much of a target for state-backed hackers, no?

Joe: Yes, ma’am. That’s the issue. There are secure cloud hosters out there. There’s a company like FireHost. There’s companies like NantCloud. They specifically specialize in supporting healthcare hosting websites.

When you have a hospital that has a website where you need to pay your bills, you need to upload your medical records, you need to talk with your doctor. They need to start leveraging the innovators and the entrepreneurs in the market that have these solutions.

That’s the scary part. Why are we not leveraging the same talent pool that the bad guys are doing in themselves? They’ve got young groups, innovators all out there hacking state-sponsored groups. Why aren’t the good guys using the same Jedi knights to defend themselves?

Male Interviewer: Why don’t we just go back to paper?

Joe: That’s another alternative.

Female Interviewer: That’s a serious question, by the way.

Male Interviewer: I’m actually only partially kidding. At what point, Joe, this gets so stupid…every day there’s a hacking story…that people just if they can, give up on technology.

Joe: That’s the sad part. Convenience is always going to outweigh it.

Male Interviewer: That’s a good point.

Joe: Everybody wants their life to be simpler, so therefore we’re going to have to have the dependency of some kind of cyber technology dependency. Unfortunately, that’s the day that we live in…