CyberSponse Integrated Partner Program (CIPP)

What is CIPP?
The CyberSponse Integrated Partner Program (CIPP) is designed to scale and provide connectors to the cybersecurity market due to the high demands for product integrations and autonomous capabilities. Our simple yet effective program takes only a few hours of work to complete a CyberSponse connector and provide enterprise value for mutual customers.
Who Should Join CIPP?
Any product company that exists in the Cybersecurity stack within a current or future customer environment. If you are not sure if you should or shall apply, fill out the form below and we’ll help you determine if it makes sense to offer a connector.
Benefits of Joining CIPP?
The biggest benefit of joining the CIPP is happy customers. The need for integrated cybersecurity is on the rise and customers are not willing to purchase more tools unless they operate together well. CyberSponse is aimed to support and help all our partners like no other SOAR provider in the market.
In exchange for your work within the CIPP program, CyberSponse will be offering all your current customers a Special CIPP Community Edition of CyberSponse for FREE. Customers not only obtain the value of your product but also the integrated capabilities, playbooks and community benefits of CyberSponse’s Partner Community Edition for FREE.
*And… A Double BOOM*
In addition to the Special Community Edition, CyberSponse also will provide Free Webinar and Training for your current and prospective customers highlighting the integrated value of your product and the how it can be leveraged for automatic investigations using CyberSponse CIPP Community Edition [Details Shared Following Enrollment of Partner Program]. CyberSponse is here to support our Partners like no one else in the market- no long waiting lines and delays to help your customers see value or move faster.
We Break Rules
Our culture is to help customers with automating those simple yet time consuming tasks. offering our CIPP Community Edition allows customers to obtain even more value from your product resulting in happy customers and paving the road for newer ones. If you can think of something else we can do as partners, suggest it, we’re open minded, aggressive and determined to help you. We’re here to break rules, upset the competition and provide more value than any other SOAR on the market. Don’t dare us because we’ll probably do it…Why? Because we can. Who wants to combine and conquer but also have fun doing it? Sign up below.

How CIPP works:

Step 1 – Complete CIPP Form B

Step 2 – CIPP Agreement will be sent via email

Step 3 – CIPP Introduction Call [Discuss Product Integration]

Step 4 – CIPP Package Provided:

  • Sample Connector Template
  • Documentation & Designer Manual

Step 5 – CIPP Partner Provided Community Edition of CyberSponse

Step 6 – CIPP Partner Conducts Development of Connector

  • Step 6a – In the circumstance where the CIPP Partner cannot build the connector, CyberSponse will assist in the connector development on a case by case.

Step 7 – CIPP Partner Tests Connector

Step 8 – CIPP Partner Provides CyberSponse a NFR License of its Product for Internal Lab Testing

Step 9 – CIPP Partner submits Connector to CyberSponse for Certification

Step 10 – CIPP Partner is Confirmed Certified and Listed in and within App Store

Step 11 – CIPP Partner & CyberSponse Conduct Webinar and Joint Training with Customers on the use of the CIPP Partner Connector and use cases of the CIPP product capabilities.

Step 12 – [Optional] CIPP Partner builds playbooks for CyberSponse review

Step 13 – [Optional] CIPP Partner Submits playbooks for CyberSponse certification

Step 14 – [Optional] CIPP Partner’s Playbooks are added to CyberSponse Community and Enterprise Editions for out of the box collection of playbooks