CyOPs™ Incident Management

A Enterprise Role-Based, Configurable Incident Management Solution

Incident Management

The CyOPs™ SOAR Solution facilitates the efficient investigation of alerts allowing security analysts to better understand, review, and manage data.

  • Manage Alert and Incident Listings in a filter-able grid view
  • Ability to add mini-dashboards on each grid to gain visibility into the bigger picture and understand trends
  • Ability to define new modules, unlike any other SOAR offering- with customization of modules such as fields, views, and permissions
  • Visual layout editor to define custom views, data models, fields, and grids

An Enterprise Role-Based Incident Management Solution

With our robust field level role-based access control, the CyOPs™ Incident Management solution provides organizations the power to manage sensitive data in accordance with SOC policies and guidelines.

  • Create custom roles and team hierarchies
  • Ability to define field level role permissions with various roles
  • Control data visibility and encryption with multiple role-based views
  • Configure custom views and page layouts using our drag-drop visual designer

Power To Configure

CyOPs™ has the ability to define new modules, such as custom fields, views, and perm permissions. CyberSponse allows security teams to configure our case management solution to their specific environment’s requirements.

  • Create custom modules and define fields as needed. For example, a module to store Whitelisted IPs for your DevOps Team’s review.
  • Leverage the visual layout builder to define custom views and dashboards
  • Add related fields and cross-link module fields for easier analyst reviews

CyberSponse is actually more than an IR workflow system, it also can support just about every function of the Security Operations Model (Identity, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover).

– Jeff Schilling, CSO at Armor (former director of IR from Dell SecureWorks)