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How to Measure the ROI of Security Orchestration and Automation

Cybersecurity is a global concern for companies of every size and businesses of every market segment. It has become essential for companies to secure critical data and corporate systems from undesirable elements for many reasons:

  • Adherence to legal regulations. These include health care industry HIPAA requirements, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) requirements for financial institutions
  • Protection for employees from unauthorized release of their personal information
  • Theft of information related to trade secrets or the release of data to competitors
  • Financial harm caused by theft or alteration of corporate data
  • A business disruption that impacts customer service or revenue

Protecting your business from threats and reacting effectively requires a significant IT investment in multiple areas:

  • People: Technicians with diverse skill sets and expertise in cybersecurity and incident response are one of the most expensive links in managing and analyzing security threats. Any opportunity the security operation center (SOC) can leverage to automate tasks that are resource-intensive improves efficiency and response times. It also improves morale – overall lowering the operating costs of the security teams. In short, automation of simple yet highly repetitive tasks increases your ROI.
  • Technology: Software and network security appliances that provide detection and notification of intrusions, anomalies must be continuously maintained or configured to remain relevant. Replacing associated configuration tasks with intelligent orchestration tools produce a much more agile and flexible outcome and investment return.
  • Process: Creating an effective security operation center is time-consuming and requires management’s commitment to staff and train the team, build a healthy culture, provide market-rate salaries, plus provide the tools needed to detect and react to attacks. Stabilizing the team, processes, and tools through automation and orchestration will eliminate many pitfalls of the security environment.
Security Orchestration and Automation

Managing security defenses and incident response through a program of orchestration and automation allows businesses to optimize the effectiveness and operating speed of the SOC. Through incorporating sophisticated and progressive technology for security automation, businesses can realize critical advantages:

  • Automatic detection of security incidents, intrusions, and internal or external threats.
  • SOC professionals can better focus on business-specific issues and security incidents that truly require human decisions and action.
  • Automated workflows and playbooks effectively manage security issues with faster response times while being consistent in their response capabilities.

How can your business determine that you are getting the anticipated ROI on your investment in security orchestration and automation?

Measuring the ROI of Security Orchestration and Automation

Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of your Security Orchestration and Automation technology incorporates a number of basic, but critical factors:

  • The number of incidents detected: Determine the number of incidents that you are reacting to and have in-queue on a daily basis. Are all these alerts, incidents and events being investigated within a reasonable amount of time? If not, your risk and financial impact increase dramatically.
  • Volume: Once you have determined the volume of incidents that are potential risks to your enterprise, extrapolating that by the number of staff members is a simple calculation. This formula is simply based on the number of incidents in a given day/team members required to address them. Factor that number by the job market average salary, add in recruiting costs and benefits, and you have your internal cost to manage your security team all without orchestration and automation. This will likely result in an eye-opening figure. A report by Enterprise Management Associates reveals there are in excess of 500 alerts a day for over 92% of businesses in the market today. To provide 100% coverage you would need to retain enough analysts to evaluate that level of incidents each day. If you hire fewer staffers, it’s mathematically proven that your organization will be severely impacted by an incident they were unable to address.

The ROI of Security Orchestration and Automation tools can be very significant, all while increasing the organization’s security and reducing vulnerability levels.

CyberSponse’s CyOps platform can help

CyberSponse provides businesses with an orchestrated and automated solution to cybersecurity incidents, threats, and alerts. Founded in 2011, our team developed the first and most mature full-function security management system offering:

  • Automated Security Incident Response
  • Efficiency SOC Processes while managing their incident response plans
  • Providing real-time data collection and analysis of security alerts
  • Reduce massive amounts of lost time due to noise levels and broken processes

CyberSponse provides the flexibility for clients to implement our technology on-premise, or as a cloud offering. If you find our technology interesting, please contact us for more information on putting our revolutionary security platform to work in your environment.