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How to Get the Most Out of Your Existing Cybersecurity Tools

The fact that government agencies, with all their layers of security, have been victim to recent data breaches has scared many business enterprises into taking a closer look at their existing cybersecurity tools. While an audit is never a bad idea, it is easy to overreact and replace your existing setup completely. However, it is also a little irrational to “jump the gun” and completely replace your current security methods.

As the world becomes more populated with hackers and security breaches increase, the market for cybersecurity solutions has exploded. Projections by MarketsandMarkets project that the industry will reach a 170.21 billion dollar value by the year 2020. As the amount of suppliers begins to increase, many organizations will likely find interest in new solutions. In reality, the existing tools they have are not the issue.

The problem is not in the tools themselves, but actually how you use them. If you are a SecOps team member, ask yourself how much time you spend daily bringing in and investigating information.

Inefficiency most likely doesn’t stem from your cybersecurity solution, but rather the ones operating it. Operators may hint that issues are originating from the system, but centralizing information and seamlessly integrating into threat intelligence, and incident response management may be a more efficient route. Streamlining the workflow this way allows team members to quickly review data, rather than waste time searching for it. With this saved time, analysts can spend more time hunting for new threats and creating new mitigation techniques.

It can be tempting to blame the current tools in use and replace them but that doesn’t solve the problem. However, if you find your team is spending the majority of their days on repetitive, low-complexity tasks, new solutions aren’t necessarily the answer.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about how a cybersecurity case management system can help you get more out your current tools, register here for a demonstration.