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How to Get Hired in the Cybersecurity Industry

How To Get Hired In The Cybersecurity Industry

Cybersecurity is a growing job market that is constantly hiring for a range of positions. These positions can pay very well, regardless of where you live, and there are always more positions open than people looking for them. Here’s how you can get hired in the cybersecurity industry.


Needless to say, a degree in computer science, information technology, or cybersecurity can greatly improve your chances. Most positions in Cybersecurity are highly technical, so having a degree will assist in jump-starting your career.

It’s important to also understand that Cybersecurity is at it’s most basic level is essentially risk management. Focus on building a basic foundation in the following areas; networking, programming, and system administration. Another great resume builder is certifications that demonstrate your abilities in cybersecurity and understanding of standard practices. In addition, you should use the Cybersponse blog as a resource for your education. Check out; 7 things every cybersecurity professional should know.

Basic Certifications:
  • A+
  • linux+
  • Network+
  • Security+

Certifications like these will give you the foundation to build your knowledge and shows your willingness to learn. Later in your Cybersecurity career, aim to complete certifications that are tailored to the industry segment you’d like to focus on.

Advanced Certifications:
  • SANS (technical)
  • CISA/CISM (everyone that desires upward mobility to management)
  • CISSP (everyone with a career in Cybersecurity)
  • OSCP (penetration testing)
Entry-level jobs with similar experience

It may be difficult to find something that requires no experience directly in information security. Considering entry-level positions will allow you to start building a resume in Cybersecurity while also allowing you to understand what industry segment that you’d like to specialize in. Starting at a smaller company where you can be exposed to a number of different job specialties and scenarios can equip you for a future job in Cybersecurity, like in a security operations center (SOC). Hiring managers see folks in information technology as untapped potential and may be willing to give you a shot!

Look into Cybersecurity roles outside of the SOC

You can also find a lot of positions that are not directly “boots on the ground” cybersecurity analyst sort-of jobs. These can give you the experience to see if you like the industry, especially if you’re not technical. Look for positions on LinkedIn for business/sales development representatives, this will give you a taste of the industry and an opportunity to learn a lot about customer environments and what matters to them.


Now that you’re ready to apply, make sure you build your resume with a focus on the important aspects of the experience and credentials that you carry. Keep it short and to the point of displaying your education, certifications, and job experience. 

By Subject Matters Expert, Nick Lewandowski

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