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How To Find The Best SOAR Platform

What is a SOAR Platform?

SOAR tools have continued to remain a hot topic and how to find the best SOAR platform. Finding the best SOAR vendor can become overwhelming, first, let’s talk about what these platforms do. SOAR solutions are designed to maximize security operation teams’ efficiency by collecting and organizing an immense amount of data. Then turning that information into insights that can be acted on, while automating the majority of the process. This allows the team to focus on high-level alerts, enhancing the entire incident response process.

Once you leverage the power of SOAR, analysts become empowered to respond to every alert, simultaneously they are able to reduce the meantime to resolution (MTTR). Security analysts utilize a comprehensive dashboard that, depending on the SOAR platform you use, can be customized to your enterprise’s needs. The dashboard provides a full view of alerts, tools, and insights. This aids in producing key metrics to further track performance—systemizing, automating and documenting your entire incident response process.

With the numerous SOAR platforms on the market, how do you know what SOAR vendor is best for your organization?

How to Find The Best SOAR Platform For You?
Gartner Peer Insight Reviews:
  •  Gartner is a company that produces in-depth research of numerous SOAR solutions. However, each SOAR platform has the opportunity to purchase a SOAR report. This is why we suggest looking into the peer insight reviews SOAR platforms have on Gartner. These SOAR platform reviews go through a rigorous process that certifies each review. You will be able to see the exact experience clients of the SOAR solution have had and what they have to say about it. Check out CyberSponse’s CyOPs™ SOAR platform Gartner peer insights reviews.
What is the pricing model of the SOAR solution?
  • Pricing models matter! Often SOAR platforms structure themselves based on the number of license users the customer requires, each year. However, you want to make sure the SOAR solution you’re looking for not only has a user-based pricing model but does not have any hidden fees. The last thing your organization needs is a pricing model that is not predictable and clear. When you review a SOAR platform pricing model, make sure that you can identify your costs throughout the entire year.
How much of the SOAR solution requires internal expertise and can it be guided by the SOAR vendor?
  • One of the biggest issues within the entire cybersecurity industry is staffing. Utilizing SOAR helps solve this problem. One thing to consider is if the SOAR vendor is able to provide dedicated resources for your team to use. This is crucial when it comes down to making sure your team becomes experts in properly maximizing all the key features of your SOAR vendor.
What SOAR Product Features Should You Look For?

When it comes to features of a SOAR product, you want to get the most practical ones. You will find vendors that claim to be a SOAR solution when in reality they are very limited and not easy to customize. The more functionality the platform has and the more you’re able to tailor it to your needs, the bigger the return on investment you’ll receive. Some of the key SOAR vendors features to look out for are the following:

Does the SOAR Vendor Offer Customizable Role-Based Dashboards, Reports, & a Visual Layout Builder?

This is important as your organization will need to easily be able to provide you data reports formatted to your organization’s standards.

Does the Platform Enable You to Easily Build Playbooks?

A good SOAR tool will have a drag and drop playbook builder that allows you to develop workflows without issue. This enables the user to closely monitor playbook step executions.

Does The SOAR Tool Support Multi-Tenancy?

It is beyond valuable for the vendor to be able to provide nimble and strong multi-tenancy for your organization’s mandates.

How Much of The Platform Can Be Tailored to Your Business?

Most importantly this question should be asked within every component. For example, being able to adapt out of the box workflows to your organization’s environment.

Security Automation is Evolving 

Each SOAR vendor focuses on enhancing its product based on the evolving threat landscape. As you review these questions, keep in mind that it does not just fall on features when choosing your SOAR tool. It falls on how they’re improving the functionality of their product, the user experience, and the track record of the platform. CyberSponse has dedicated ourselves to innovating the incident response process. Allowing our customers to customize our CyOPs™ SOAR tool in any capacity they require. Schedule a demo today and find out why we are the best SOAR platform for you!


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