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The Best Tools For Your Company’s Security Team

What is the best SOAR tool? With a gigantic number of security alerts and threat intelligence to manage, it seems like an impossible task for managers to get a complete and accurate view of all cyber attacks. It has become almost an impossible task to manage risk. There is simply too much information to collect, organize, and analyze.

What do you need the most when you start building a product? Right tools for the job, right? It is the same in cybersecurity. You need the best tools for your company’s security team to build a lasting and strong cyber defense from different events. These various tools work together to detect and prioritize threats. All the tools are managed through playbooks created by a security team to respond to incidents. No matter the size of the company or the type of data you want to protect, to understand your threat landscape is very crucial. The solution to all these problems seems easy, but finding the right tools is not an easy task.

How to find the right tools

Finding the right software and tools is about making the right decision based on the return on investment (ROI). Firstly, security managers need to understand what each tool does and from there they can make the right decision in picking the tools they will need. There is no crystal ball that will predict when breaches happen, but you need to have your machines ready to respond automatically. This can definitely change the company’s way and timeline of defending and responding to attacks.

Company’s size and infrastructure also play a huge role in building its cybersecurity capabilities. Of course, when it comes to tools, one of the main factors is the size of your business. If you are small and medium enterprise, it does not make sense for you to purchase the enterprise-grade tool. That would make no financial sense and it will also end up ruining the security you are trying to build. It will not scale far enough for your company to fit an enterprise size security system.

Businesses need to take into account how long it will take to actually have these tools installed. For example, hardware, software or virtual appliances need to be tested. The types of threats that businesses experiences should be considered. They differ in diverse industries. Some vendors specialize in certain sectors like finance and healthcare. Others in education and utility business. Obviously, you would like the toolkit that integrates with your pre-existing tools, if not it is best to look at other vendors.

The importance of these tools cannot be more emphasized. Purchasing security analytics tools, theoretically, would make a business more secure. But purchasing the right security analytics tools is what actually ensures it. Thus, these tips will help you get started.

How CyberSponse can help

What is the best SOAR tool? An important part to ensure all your tools are operating in max capacity is to get a Security Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR) product, like CyberSponse. This will help you create playbooks that help you learn what tools you will need and be ready whenever an attack is to follow.  You will need the best of the best in the category, CyberSponse. CyberSponse gives you the best tools for your company’s security team.

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