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Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) Helps SecOps Teams, here is how

How does Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) help a SecOps team?

Automation and Orchestration (SAO): SecOps teams have been at a disadvantage for years now. The overflow of alerts and the lack of skilled SecOps teams has led to an increase in the number of security breaches across the globe. Studies show that roughly 62% of security decision-makers don’t feel they have an adequately sized staff. Approximately 65% state that finding employees with the right skill set is a challenge.

As other branches of technology have benefited from automation, security has fallen behind; SecOps teams continue to attempt to perform much of their work manually. Security automation and orchestration gives SecOps teams the ability to automate security workflows reducing the risk of breaches by:

  • Increasing efficiency and consistency
  • Reducing the meantime to resolution
  • Guiding analysts through the proper processes and precautions
  • Handling the high volume of alerts while addressing all alerts
Which SecOps teams are best for SAO?

SecOps teams with more developed processes will initially see the most significant margin of difference from SAO. These teams most likely have processes that can more seamlessly implement automation. Teams with documented processes also find it easier to initially map their processes to automation and orchestration tools.

Why is the market so focused on Incident Response Automation?

Incident response and investigation works as the best setting for SAO to step in. With so many moving parts and the need to access and allocate so many systems, speeding up data analysis and speeding the investigation process and response has an immediate impact on the SecOps teams. Aside from just incident response, SAO plays a significant role in sharing intelligence, responding to threats, managing vulnerabilities, hunting IOCs, and triaging alerts.

What should you look for in an SAO solution?

Security leaders should seek the SAO solution that will fit well with the current technology stack as well as the staff. As a security leader, it is essential to allow analysts the opportunity to use tools under consideration to gauge their comfort level and competency with the tools. It is also vital to ensure the solution you choose will properly integrate with your current technology.

Always check to see that the SAO vendor under consideration has an active user community. Security professionals are good as one but together can solve a broader range of problems. User communities also help to facilitate ease and cooperation between the users of the solution.

What can Cybersponse do to help?

Cybersponse streamlines your security issues by automating processes, creating efficiencies, providing situational analysis, and reducing the amount of overall time and effort wasted. CyberSponse integrates with all cybersecurity tools and stays up-to-date with the latest technology (malware analysis, threat intelligence, IDS, SIEM, etc.). We are also the first automation and orchestration platform that combines cybersecurity solutions with human intuition. Customizable automated playbooks ensure every alert is caught and responded to without the need for manual tasks. Cybersponse takes the hardship out of securing your network and data.