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How Cybersecurity Automation Saves Time On Investigating Alerts

Investigating cybersecurity alerts

Many companies today monitor their network activity through a mix of methodologies, with some relying heavily on sophisticated data capture and network analysis tools, and others on manual monitoring efforts to review system logs for potential intrusions or hacking attempts. While introducing it into your security workflow can seem intimidating, cybersecurity automation saves time and has cost-saving benefits. Without some level of automated monitoring and alerts system, Security Operations Center (SOC) staff or network technicians will be forced to spend excessive amounts of time conducting repetitive, manual reviews. This can be expensive for businesses in several ways:

  • Manual detection is prone to error in missing alerts that may indicate actual incidents
  • Alerts are increasing in numbers constantly. This requires either inflated staff or a backlog of investigations that could reveal active threats in the system environment
  • Working through multiple logs to determine if there is an actual threat is time-consuming
  • Many false alerts are generated by multiple system occurrences. However, manual review must still be undertaken in order to be certain none are true indications of cyber threats
  • Review of high volumes of Security Information Event Management (SIEM) data can take a considerable amount of time. Understanding the data requires knowledgeable, trained personnel

Implementing IT automation can result in considerable cost savings. For example, in the article “Automation Can Save You Time and Money” which details how Brookdale Senior Living was able to reduce IT costs by $150,000 and trim three security staff positions. Likewise, your business can see similar results from implementing security automation, generating better results from your IT investment and considerable savings that would have gone towards additional staff.

Implementation of cyber security automation tools relieves SOC and incident response (IR) teams from time-consuming and mundane manual scanning for security issues, allowing them to focus on serious threats instead of huge volumes of data and false alerts. Many organizations even deal with duplication of alerts from multiple reporting systems, further exacerbating the complexity and time required for a manual investigation process.

Security automation saves time and budget

Automation removes the repetitive nature of examining every alert to determine whether or not a deeper evaluation is in order. With a large percentage of incident alerts turning out to be false positives, this can cost businesses up to $1.3 million annually. As a result, this significant expense detracts from attention to legitimate intrusions, which may go undetected indefinitely.

Other surveys have indicated that nearly 30% of IT professionals admit to ignoring security alerts generated by their systems because of the frequency of false positives generated. Most such systems tend to log alerts erring on the side of caution, resulting in huge volumes of data that may be of minimal value.

Adding security orchestration to your automation approach further saves time by filtering data from multiple sources into meaningful information. Moreover, this transforms labor-intensive manual investigations into an efficient analysis of alerts; these are much more likely to expose problems or vulnerabilities.

Automation saves time spent in incident investigation in numerous ways:

  • Elimination of pre-identified false positives
  • Workflow that consistently routes alerts to the correct parties for action
  • Retention of data for subsequent incident case management
  • Enhanced communication between SOC staff and other impacted parties
  • Improved security through focus on real security incidents
  • More efficient utilization of resources for true analysis
CyberSponse: Leveraging security automation

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