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Healthcare Data Breaches Are Most Often a Result of Employee Negligence

Data breach incidents in the healthcare industry are most often tied to employee negligence and insider activity. Physical theft of devices is another significant portion of data breach incidents in this industry.

Healthcare data breaches have are a huge issue. Insider access falls into two categories and can include both unintentional errors like employee negligence and intentional criminal conduct by staff. Any organization, including those in the healthcare industry, can have negligent current or former employees who purposely sell private information to cybercriminals. Lapses in the proper implementation of a security plan or gaps in procedures can then cause staff errors. In the healthcare industry, this often leads to improper disposal and improper storage of patient files. This is a soft spot for cybercriminals when they target organizations and industries. Cybercriminals look for weaknesses in organizations and then exploit those weaknesses.

The constant challenge in implementing processes in a security plan is finding the right balance between optimum security and usability, convenience and efficiency.  It goes without saying; education and training of all members in an organization are vital and could help eliminate these factors in cybersecurity.

The key here is that companies can eliminate employee negligence through vigilance in excellent education and training of employees.

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