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Data Defenders Locally in the Scottsdale Airpark

Check out this local Scottsdale Airpark magazine article. It features four cybersecurity companies located in Scottsdale. One of them, of course, is CyberSponse.

Employees continue to be the weakest link in the security of a company’s network. With all the mobile devices (phones, laptops and tablets) we use on a daily basis, it is convenient to be connected to work at all times in any location. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has its positive points and its negative points. It does create convenience and increased productivity to employees when they can be available via mobile devices when out of the office. But by bringing 1-3 mobile devices per employee into the equation, it also presents a definite challenge to security teams. Most people these days have a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop. Further, multiply that by each employee and the security team must protect data on hundreds, if not thousands, of computers and devices.

With the convenience that advancing technologies brings to our work and personal lives, it also brings unintended consequences with it. Convenience comes at the price of increased vulnerability to cyber attacks. We all rely on things like banking, shopping and doing business online. We communicate online every day and also rely on our various devices. As a result, this presents additional opportunities for the modern cybercriminal to focus on targets who they think may be easy to breach as these companies try to tackle these challenges.

With all the factors that present a challenge to cybersecurity in a company’s network, the focus has shifted from working on prevention only. With the sophistication of today’s cybercriminals, it is unrealistic to think any company can be successful 100% of the time preventing a data breach. Prevention is still a focus but quick response to a cyber event has become more important than ever and a focus on security operations teams everywhere. It has become the difference between two outcomes; the first is that your company will survive a breach and thrive afterward. The other is that it will destroy your business, reputation and customer loyalty.

The four cybersecurity companies featured in the article work in different areas: mobile, fraud protection, prevention, and breach response.




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