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The CyberSponse TRON-like “BRICKS & BLOCKS” Kit Has Arrived!

The CyberSponse Tron-like “BRICKS & BLOCKS” Kit Has Arrived!

We have just upgraded our new SOC “Bricks and Blocks” kit! The idea behind this “Bricks and Blocks” kit is to provide a fun way to look at the cybersecurity industry. Bricks and blocks are one of the most recognizable and highest-grossing toys ever! We were so happy to work with a creator who made this reality.

About the new kit

This desk size SOC kit system consists of two workers analyzing different alerts. Naturally, many of our industry wizards grew up with Bricks and Blocks trying to build the coolest parts our imagination could render. Thus, our team decided to engineer and deliver our product playset with a creative message. We couldn’t be more proud to bring to the industry a playful way to have TRON Joins CyberSponse in the next generation of security integration and interoperability.  We love that we can put two great things together!

Practitioners in the information security environment need to follow a certain sequence of steps to solve cybersecurity incidents. The CyberSponse Playbook engine offers consistency and repeatability for the day to day operations. As we all know, analysts become overburdened with an increasing number of alerts. As a result, they may overlook key indicators and notifications that are critical to the organization’s security.

Similarly, experienced analysts might be provoked to make “out of process calls” to skip key parts of the incident response plan based on incomplete information or impatience. With the CyberSponse Playbooks, the same data is assembled together for every alert, and every notification is investigated and memorized in the same approved manner each and every time it occurs. In simple terms, your final result matches the desired outcome with no curveballs. Don’t let pretenders fake you out!

Interested in seeing how CyberSponse can help your organization? Schedule a demo today! Also, check out more about incident response on for the upcoming conference that is going to change our industry as a whole.