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CyberSponse Swag at RSA: Is it worth it?

Contrary to other competitor’s marketing messages, Cybersponse is the first Security Orchestration & Automation Response (SOAR) platform – our patent filings kindly prove it. It’s been our passion to connects the dots between humans and machines, enabling security teams to become one with their environment. With CyberSponse’s security orchestration platform, organizations can enhance the productivity of their staff and extend the functionality of their tools by combining all of their efforts into a single console. No hype, no games… just facts.

The information security community values our open and extensible architecture, including our recent partnership with www.IncidentResponse.com. With a global presence, offering an enterprise platform, Cybersponse enables organizations to secure their security operations teams and environments while being able to share playbooks across the community. We integrate all kinds of platforms and security products, unlike most of our competitors, our product leads and doesn’t follow like the rest of the gang in the SOAR clubhouse.

So with the RSA show approaching, we have an important question to ask you: Are you coming to have fun, party, or meet up with friends? If so, do you want to carry around a bunch of product sheets and a bag full of swag or would you rather have it show up at the office like an Amazon order?

We at CyberSponse prefer to deliver. It’s way cooler, and it saves the time and hassle of keeping a purse of junk with you when you visit with friends. Come visit us in two weeks at booth #4602 in the North Expo Hall at RSA. We’ll deliver your fun pack of CyberSponse swag right to your office.

A lot of people will be giving away different items at their booths, and you have to carry everything everywhere. Why do that? Come by the booth and sign up for one of our webinars or demos to receive some CyberSponse swag and we will deliver it right to your office. Just to raise the bar, we’re also giving away over $2,000 worth of cool stuff at the end of the show. We’re here to break the rules and up the standards – just wait for what’s to be announced in the next few months. Hold onto your shorts.