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CyberSponse Integrates its Enterprise SOC Automation Platform with HPE Security ArcSight ESM

HPE Security ArcSight ESM; CyberSponse is the founder and real leader in automated incident response and security orchestration. We recently disclosed our two-year confidential enterprise integration with HPE Security ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). ESM is HPE’s comprehensive security information and event management solution. ESM identifies and prioritizes threats in real-time, providing teams visibility to a large amount of data quickly.

About the HPE Security integration

CyberSponse’s integration with HPE Security ArcSight ESM will help its customers quickly respond to a greater number of cyber threats. At the same time, it decreases the workload on your security operations center. The CyberSponse platform also will streamline security operations through a more centralized console that is hardcore playbook-driven. Additionally, the platform uses fluid tool integrations and interconnectivity unlike any other replica or mimic noisemakers in the market.

“CyberSponse is committed to continuing leading innovation within the SOAR category by integrating with world-class solutions like ESM, buyer beware of imitations,” said Joseph Loomis, CEO, and founder of CyberSponse. “CyberSponse’s integration with ArcSight will provide highly automated responses and facilitate interoperability with other platforms. By automating the workflow and response, CyberSponse will help ArcSight customers respond faster and more consistently to a greater number of threats.”

As the amount of cyber attacks continues to rise, security administrators find it difficult to keep pace. They must manually perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks to track, mitigate and resolve security events across multiple platforms. Recent research provided by the Ponemon Institute found that the average SOC team receives thousands of malware alerts every week. However, SOC often only has cycles to investigate 29%. More streamlined automation is here to stay.

CyberSponse allows organizations to get the most out of existing resources; we do so by automating time-intensive, manual processes and operational workflows in real-time. A Multi-VM, Enterprise architecture with a true API coupled with extensive out-of-the-box integrations and canned playbooks allows organizations to quickly enable automation in their entire security infrastructure. CyberSponse delivers great flexibility, a real back-end architecture that isn’t your typical “lipstick on a pig” like other vendors. Instead, we deliver a platform with real-time dashboards and key enterprise Business Intelligence reporting to help senior leadership understand the status of your SOC Team and the organization’s network.

The partnership with CyberSponse will allow HPE Security ArcSight ESM customers to automatically initiate incident response playbooks in response to any type of incident. Customers of CyberSponse can also manually launch playbooks through a simple right-click within the ArcSight ESM environment. This type of closely-integrated relationship produces faster incident response capabilities and a larger capital return on investment of the security infrastructure.