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Cybersecurity Issues: Corvette Hack, Government Email Encryption

Wirelessly hacking into a Corvette is a bit of a scary thought – but it has been done. Researchers were able to gain access to a Corvette through the vehicle’s computer system. CyberSponse CEO Joe Loomis appeared on FOX Business Network’s Risk and Reward show last week to discuss the subject.

With connected cars only increasing as each day goes by, the possibility of hackers gaining access to our vehicles via the computer system grows. Manufacturers will increasingly pay attention to the security side of the convenience of connected cars. Hackers can access anything that the computer controls electronically (brakes, ignition, steering, windshield wipers to name a few).

The second topic discussed was about government email accounts and the ability for hackers to access them. As per Secretary of State John Kerry, it is very likely Russia and China read his emails. The question raised is why wouldn’t we have the best technology possible for our highest government officials?

Watch the full interview here.