Get CyOPs – Community Edition

Explore CyOPs Enterprise Version for 45 Days,
Absolutely Free!

In an effort to truly cultivate a community of incident response best practices and perpetuate an understanding of the power of automation and orchestration capabilities, CyberSponse is offering the cybersecurity industry an opportunity to use and explore the CyberSponse Enterprise SOAR Platform for 45 days, absolutely free! This period has no restricted features whatsoever. This means Unlimited Playbooks, Unlimited Actions, and Unlimited Users!
After 45 days, CyberSponse offers three (3) options to the CyOPs Community:

Option 1:
Continue to use the Enterprise platform for free in exchange for contributing playbooks, connectors for security products, product feedback and mentorship for other security operation teams back to the CyOPs and Incident Response Community; or

Option 2:
Convert to the use of CyOPs Limited Version for free, which allows access to all features of the Enterprise Platform, but limits the number of playbooks executed per day, as well as a maximum of individual unique users of the platform; or

Option 3:
Purchase a Commercial User-Based Enterprise license for CyOPs that provides unlimited playbooks and a pre-defined number of users to the platform i.e. User Based Pricing.

With Option 1, CyberSponse, unlike any other vendor, is building the first REAL security operations Community for the cybersecurity industry; a true barter-based trading network for collaborating and innovating the entire incident response process and security operational plans.

With Option 2, CyberSponse understands that some community members can’t afford a commercial license and also cannot share their playbooks or connectors due to security reasons. In some cases, strategic exceptions will be made for community members that need help where it matters the most. CyberSponse would rather have a future member embrace our enterprise SOAR platform than see their security posture decrease.

With Option 3, CyberSponse offers customers very competitive and disruptive pricing for our technology. Built on aggressive innovation and grit, pricing never gets in the way of creating loyal, happy and trusting customer relationships.

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