Operations Internship

Location: Arlington, VA

About CyberSponse: CyberSponse is the Leader in Cyber Security Automation, Orchestration & Response [SOAR] aims to redefine how cybersecurity and products work in a more autonomous function. In short, CyberSponse is an enterprise-grade automation platform using innovative technology to increase response efficiency when managing an organization cybersecurity protective layer through automation. CyberSponse incorporates a proprietary embedded collaboration technology designed to create, test and manage efficient response plans and sequences through its visual playbook engine. Coordination of events both during and after an attack provides real-time notifications to management personnel about attack and response status, and manages security products before, during and after an alert is generated. If you’re interested in the bleeding edge of cybersecurity and want to work in national defense, this could be the role for you.

The ability to interact with staff (at all levels) in a fast paced environment, sometimes under pressure, remaining flexible proactive, resourceful and efficient, with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality is crucial to this role. Highest level of written and verbal communication skills, strong decision-making ability and attention to detail are equally important. The right candidate must be exceedingly well organized, flexible and enjoy the challenges of a start-up environment.

What does this mean for you?

• First-hand experience working alongside our Recruiting, Sales, and Marketing teams.
• Work closely with various team members on daily tasks and projects.
• Spend the internship rotating through various departments getting hands-on experience at every level.
• Learn the in’s and out’s of the daily operations at a Cybersecurity start-up.
• Work with our Marketing Manager to brainstorm new topics for blog posts for CyberSponse’s social
media outlets and contribute to content creation.
• Assist the Recruiting Manager by creating new job posts, source, screen, and interview candidates, as
well as coordinate meetings and phone calls.
• Help plan and execute our annual conference that brings in over 600 attendees.
• Assist Marketing with concepts and designs of new marketing materials (shirts, pens, lanyards, etc.)
• Learn how to: communicate complex technical concepts, manage full-cycle sales, and create meaningful
business relationships that will set you up for future success.

Ideal Candidate Qualifications

• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
• Proven self-starter with a record of success in a team-oriented environment.
• High level of energy, drive, enthusiasm, initiative, and commitment.
• Professional with good organization and planning skills.
• Has a technical background.

Experience Qualifications

• Currently enrolled as a student working towards a Business or Marketing Degree.
• Strong written and oral communications skills are a must.

Personality & Work Ethic Skills:

• Work with peers who are smart, pull their own weight, and share a passion for what they’re creating.
• Must be a Self-Starter to their workday and care about the quality of their contributions.
• Must understand the value of attention to detail, being well organized and punctual.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

CyberSponse Offers:

• Casual fun office environment.
• The opportunity to thrive in the collaborative work environment we have created here.
• Exposure to some of the biggest companies, agencies, and teams in the world using our Cybersecurity

HR Matters:

• Drug test and a background check.
• US Citizen.

Message from the CEO

“CyberSponse is a company built on trust, loyalty and honor. The management team truly cares about each team member of the Company and are very protective and selective of extending offers to new hires. We are all driven to maintain a culture that enables you to perform your best work, grow your professional and personal skills allowing you to fulfill your goals and career objectives. We are also confident you will also make some good friends along the way too. You will see that we care for and protect our team members, their families, their financial security, and determined to help each of our team improve their way of life. We believe that without loyalty a team or individual cannot be successful. We look forward to continuing our process to see if this is a good fit for both parties.” – Larry Johnson


If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to learn more, please contact CyberSponse Human Resources, with a current resume and cover letter at HR@CyberSponse.com

About CyberSponse

CyberSponse provides an enterprise-grade secure platform using innovative technology to increase response efficiency with cyber security tools, as well as management of response team’s daily activities. CyberSponse’s Automation platform incorporates a proprietary embedded collaboration technology designed to create, test and manage efficient response automated plans. The CyberSponse platform is the only solution of its kind in the market, operating with enterprise customers and on a very fast growth trajectory. Our vision is to make the solution easy to use and by integrating legacy technology systems together through our robust API connectivity ensures it is not just another cyber security but the central nervous system of the entire network.