Chief Security Officer

Location: Arlington, Virginia

Major Position Responsibilities

The CyberSponse Chief Security Officer’s role is to provide vision and leadership for developing and supporting security initiatives. The Chief Security Officer directs the planning and implementation of enterprise IT system, business operation, and facility defenses against security breaches and vulnerability issues. This individual is also responsible for auditing existing systems, while directing the administration of security policies, activities, and standards

What you will do

  • Strategy & Planning
    • Participate as a member of the senior management team in governance processes of the organization’s security strategies
    • Develop and communicate security strategies and plans to executive team, staff, partners, customers, and stakeholders
    • Develop business case justifications and cost/benefit analyses for IT Risk-based spending and initiatives
    • Assist with the design and implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity plans, procedures, audits, and enhancements
    • Lead strategic security planning to achieve business goals by prioritizing defense initiatives and coordinating the evaluation, deployment, and management of current and future security technologies using a risk-based assessment methodology
    • Develop, implement, maintain, and oversee enforcement of policies, procedures, and associated plans for system security administration and user system access based on industry-standard best practices


  • Acquisition & Deployment
    • Define and communicate corporate plans, procedures, policies, and standards for the organization for acquiring, implementing, and operating new security systems, equipment, software, and other technologies


  • Operational Management
    • Act as advocate and primary liaison for the company’s security vision via regular written and in-person communications with the company’s executives, department heads, and end users
    • Promote and oversee strategic security relationships between internal resources and external entities, including government, vendors, and partner organizations
    • Work closely with global IT teams on corporate technology development to fully secure information, computer, network, and processing systems
    • Ensure the administration of all computer security systems and their corresponding or associated software, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, cryptography systems, and anti-virus software are completed
    • Ensure the administration of the facility’s security systems and their corresponding equipment or software, including fire alarms, locks, intruder detection systems, sprinkler systems, and anti-theft measures are sufficient
    • Develop, track, and control the security services annual operating and capital budgets for purchasing, staffing, and operations
    • Recommend and implement changes in security policies and practices in accordance with changes in local or federal law
    • Creatively and independently provide resolution to security problems in a cost-effective manner
    • Assess and communicate any and all security risks associated with any and all purchases or practices performed by the company
    • Collaborate with IT leader, defined privacy roles and human resources to establish and maintain a system for ensuring that security and privacy policies are met
    • Remain informed on trends and issues in the security industry, including current and emerging technologies and prices. Advise, counsel, and educate executive and management teams on their relative importance and financial impact

Required Skills

  • University degree in the field of computer science, business administration, or other related field.
    Proven leadership ability
  • Certifications in one or more of CISM, OSCP, CISSP, CGEIT preferred
  • 5+ years experience managing and/or directing an IT and/or security operation
  • Proven experience in planning, organizing, and developing IT security and facility security system technologies
  • Experience in planning and executing security policies and standards development
  • Excellent knowledge of technology environments, including information security, building security, and defense solutions
  • Considerable knowledge of business theory, business processes, management, budgeting, and business office operations
  • Substantial exposure to data processing, hardware platforms, enterprise software applications
  • Good understanding of computer systems characteristics, features, and integration capabilities
  • Experience with systems design and development from business requirements analysis through to day-to-day management
  • Excellent understanding of project management principles
  • Superior understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives
  • Demonstrated ability to apply IT in solving security problems
  • In-depth knowledge of applicable laws and regulations as they relate to security and privacy.

Message from the CEO

“CyberSponse is a company built on trust, loyalty and honor. The management team truly cares about each team member of the Company and are very protective and selective of extending offers to new hires. We are all driven to maintain a culture that enables you to perform your best work, grow your professional and personal skills allowing you to fulfill your goals and career objectives. We are also confident you will also make some good friends along the way too. You will see that we care for and protect our team members, their families, their financial security, and determined to help each of our team improve their way of life. We believe that without loyalty a team or individual cannot be successful. We look forward to continuing our process to see if this is a good fit for both parties.” – Larry Johnson


If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to learn more, please contact CyberSponse Human Resources, with a current resume and cover letter at

About CyberSponse

CyberSponse provides an enterprise-grade secure platform using innovative technology to increase response efficiency with cyber security tools, as well as management of response team’s daily activities. CyberSponse’s Automation platform incorporates a proprietary embedded collaboration technology designed to create, test and manage efficient response automated plans. The CyberSponse platform is the only solution of its kind in the market, operating with enterprise customers and on a very fast growth trajectory. Our vision is to make the solution easy to use and by integrating legacy technology systems together through our robust API connectivity ensures it is not just another cyber security but the central nervous system of the entire network.