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Big Retail: Be Prepared

Big retail is one of the most lucrative markets for cybercriminals. The number of devices and the sheer volume of data at retailers is astounding. It is often difficult to secure, contain and monitor data without properly configured monitoring systems, effective procedures and a mature approach.

Cybersecurity continues to increase its budget demands on organizations. Securing customer data and reducing an organization’s risk are top priorities for all security team members and executives.

As security breaches become more prevalent in today’s business environment, companies must look for new and innovative security systems to integrate into their current network systems. It is important to be ready to mitigate the security incidents in real-time with effective, clear and well-planned responses.

How CyberSponse can help

CyberSponse has customized systems for large retail companies, automating many of the daily security functions. This translates into a significant reduction of time to resolution and recovery. An accessible real-time report detailing all detected incidents and associated actions and task assignments will simplify a CISOs job tremendously. The sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks is only going to increase. Reactive response to a breach of your customers’ information must be considered an outdated business practice. Being proactive and not reactive to cyber attacks is a necessity of the future.

CyberSponse can provide you with the security operations platform needed to stay a step ahead and prepared. No solution can provide absolute prevention, but we can provide you with the ability to detect incidents early and start managing the resolution quickly. Schedule a demo today to see CyberSponse in action.