Benefits and ROI

The Benefits & ROI of CyOPs are calculated based on saving time, frustration, training and providing enterprise incident response capabilities to your team. This is the only real ROI within cybersecurity; saving valuable time and efforts that can be tracked and documented

Benefits and ROI

Real threats often get missed because these alerts are often submerged deep inside the ocean of ever-growing notifications. Through Automated Intelligent Triaging, CyOPs enables the Analyst to uncover these important alerts and prioritize them based on severity, asset, intelligence, and frequency.

  • 37% of Cybersecurity Professionals face an average of 10,000 alerts per month.
  • 52% Cybersecurity Alerts are False Positives.
  • Simply hiring more people does not lower organizational risk

Standardized, repeatable and consistent processes mean a more efficient onboarding plan for new SOC team members. Through its Automation framework, CyOPs enables you to take your current manual processes and convert them to trackable automated and uniform processes. Using CyOPs out of the box processes enables new team members to quickly learn proper and effective incident response methods and procedures.

Today’s dynamic threat investigation and hunt scenarios need a plethora of cybersecurity tools. Consider a quick example of building a playbook where CyOPs connects & pulls in alerts from your SIEM. Next CyOPs provides alert triage using various threat intel feeds, blocks malicious indicators using firewall and email gateway integrations and sends an investigation summaries to the appropriate parties. CyOPs provides this all through automation & enterprise incident response playbooks. CyberSponse offers the largest amount of cybersecurity connectors of any SOAR offering worldwide, Click here to review these connectors.


What is the workload across my SOC team members? What is the average MTTR across resolved Alerts? Are there more Escalations in a particular type of alert? How many automated actions ran in the last three months? Can I get the after-action report of the Incidents where VIP assets are tagged automatically on my email? My clients prefer a Spanish version of the report, can we provide that? What is the overall health of my SOC team?

Well, you get the point. Be informed about every aspect of the threat investigation lifecycle with robust reporting and analytics built in the CyOPs environment.