Benefits and ROI

The Benefits & ROI that CyOPs™ provides are calculated based on saving time, alleviating frustration, streamlining training, and providing enterprise incident response capabilities to your SOC team. These key components of ROI in cybersecurity can be documented and are trackable, further validating the value of security orchestration and automation.

Benefits and ROI of a SOAR Platform

Real threats are often overlooked, largely as a result of the copious amount of alert notifications that accumulate daily. CyOPs™ Automated Intelligent Triaging enables Security Analysts to efficiently uncover these important alerts, prioritizing them based on severity, asset, intelligence, and frequency.

  • 37% of Cybersecurity Professionals face an average of 10,000 alerts per month
  • 52% of Cybersecurity Alerts are False Positives
  • Hiring more employees does not reduce organizational risk

CyOPs™ enables new SOC team members to start making an impact right away due to its ease of use and ability to retain information from previous employees. Standardized trackable and repeatable processes result in a more efficient onboarding plan for new SOC team members. Create standard automated response processes using the most versatile enterprise drag-and-drop CyOPs™ Playbook builder that not only retains team knowledge but also shortens incident response times. Maximize your team and security stack with CyOPs™ automation.

  • Effortlessly Manage SOC Shift Change
  • Create Multiple Queues Based on Shift or Role
  • Define Rules for Assigning Alerts and Incidents
  • Track Task Status with Snapshots of a Shift’s Queue
  • Assign Manual Tasks to Any Queue or Team Member

Enterprise-level SOCs leverage a multitude of products and tools to effectively resolve incidents and fulfill compliance requirements.  CyOPs™ caters to our clients’ specific environment needs due to the customizability of our product, which results in greater efficiency, eliminated alert fatigue, and maximizes their ROI. The CyOPs™ Integrations Repository has over 280 available integrations, enabling our users to automate their entire security stack behind a single pane of glass. Check out our growing library of integrations here.

CyOPs™ enables enterprises to easily stay informed regarding every aspect of the threat remediation lifecycle, with robust analytics and reporting capabilities every detail is at your fingertips.

  • SOC team’s workload
  • Average MTTR across resolved alerts
  • Number of escalations based on alert type
  • Amount of automated actions during a specified time period
  • Final remediation report of incidents with tagged VIP assets
  • Multiple languages available for reports
  • Overall SOC team health