Automated Workflows

Employ the Robust CyOPs™ Playbook Engine to Automate all your IR Processes

Automate Your Workflows

Create smart automated workflows with ease of product integrations

  • Drag and drop interface, which allows stringing of multiple steps together
  • Plug multiple integrations in your workflows
  • Zoom and Pan to allow ease of navigation within the designer
  • Intuitive design
  • Ability to add multiple playbook collections
  • Import playbooks and playbook collections
  • Export Collections together with dependent playbooks

Closely monitor playbook step executions, as well as various performance indicators

  • Global monitoring for all playbook executions along with step completion status
  • Monitor playbooks specific to an Alert or Incident record
  • See historic execution and steps for a particular Playbook
  • Filter playbook execution logs based on Users, Time, Type, and Status