About CyberSponse

Founded in 2011, CyberSponse offers the premier Security Orchestration and Automation incident Response (SOAR) solution. The CyOPs™ Platform utilizes CyberSponse’s patented technological process to fill the gap between automation-only and human dependent security organizations, while also facilitating cross-functional collaboration. Integrate your SOCs entire security stack behind a single pane of glass with unlimited daily actions, fortifying your data and maximizing ROI.

With the ever prevalent evolution of the cyber threat landscape, CyberSponse has sought to develop a platform that aids in preserving the privacy and data integrity of enterprises, regardless of an organization’s size or budget. Our adherence to the mission of improving the cybersecurity and incident response process knows no limitations. We believe the goal of effective and efficient incident response is one to be embraced by collaboration amongst businesses, nations, and organizations.

In line with our aspiration of global collaboration on all things cyber, CyberSponse is a proud founding sponsor of the Incident Response Consortium (IRC), the first community-driven, non-profit educational organization dedicated to cybersecurity incident response. CyberSponse is a proud contributor of hundreds of open-source resources to the IRC, as well as an adamant sponsor and volunteer contributor at the IRC’s series of national and international cyber educational conferences and seminars. You can learn more about the IRC at www.incidentresponse.com

CyberSponse is backed by a team of self-made entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the security industry through technological innovation and the community-based inclusiveness of our offering.

We look forward to collaborating with your organization to disrupt the status quo of cyber, and usher in an age of agile and effective incident response.