“CyberSponse is actually more than an IR workflow system, it also can support just about every function of the Security Operations Model (Identity, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover).”

Jeff Schilling, CSO at Armor (former director of IR from Dell SecureWorks)

Our Mission Statement

Cyber, physical and corporate threats occur at a staggering pace while simultaneously producing fertile opportunities for the security provider community. With HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, and other regulations designed to enforce the protection of private information, businesses face dramatically increasing costs associated with remediation and risk mitigation.

In the April 2014, U.S. Government Accountability Office reported (GAO-14-354) it’s noted that “major federal agencies did not consistently demonstrate that they are effectively responding to cyber incidents (a security breach of a computerized system and information).” The GAO projects that these agencies did not completely document actions taken in response to detected incidents. While the agencies identified the scope of an incident, they frequently did not demonstrate that they had determined the impact of an incident, nor did they consistently demonstrate how they had handled other key activities, such as whether preventive actions to prevent the reoccurrence of an incident were taken. The GAO notes, “without complete policies, plans, and procedures, along with appropriate oversight of response activities, agencies face reduced assurance that they can effectively respond to cyber incidents.”

Why CyberSponse?

The existing pain point in today’s security management led CyberSponse to develop the industry’s first security management system that reduces risks by:

Threat Intelligence

Automating processes

Incident Response

Creating efficiencies

Providing situational analysis

Providing situational analysis

Reducing wasted time spent

Reducing wasted time spent

CyberSponse secures a distinct competitive advantage (what we consider “disruptive” to the entire security operations sector) as the industry’s first secure, scalable, knowledge-based, awareness-driven, and encrypted security management intelligence platform built for the security operations market. CyberSponse’s custom Meta-Data Driven Architecture makes its technology nearly impossible to replicate. It also allows CyberSponse to launch new features, pages, and functions in a fraction of the time required with traditional coding efforts. CyberSponse also differs from its closest competition (ticketing systems, email, and Word documents) in its scalability, customizability, patent-pending visual workflow engine, and streamlining integrations. Designed as a SaaS product, the platform can also be deployed on premise for those organizations that require it.

About CyberSponse

CyberSponse enables companies to defend and counter attackers through a unique and collaborative security operations platform that facilitates comprehensive incident response lifecycle management.

Founded in 2011, CyberSponse is a leading provider of automated incident response (IR) solutions for cyber security threat management. Most security groups within organization’s today use Word, Excel, and internal email to manage their daily security operations. CyberSponse takes a different approach and believes that an automated and transparent view of SecOp efforts and true situational awareness for all levels of management is required for proactive management of the complexity of IT Security. The CyberSponse technology platform dramatically improves the efficiency and the effectiveness of the daily SecOps team’s efforts against cyber-attacks by providing a centralized system for managing, monitoring, reporting, and analyzing an organization’s entire IT Security infrastructure and processes.