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5 Qualities the Best People in the Cybersecurity Industry Have

Keep reading to learn which qualities the best people in the cybersecurity industry have, allowing them to rise to the top of the field.

1. They are fiercely competitive

Every person in cybersecurity has two opponents: a flooded market with hundreds of vendors serving similar purposes, and the malicious actors themselves who are working to attack businesses and putting employees’ and customers’ data at risk. Your company will not grow if you cannot consistently defeat both of these opponents. Every new project or potential deal is another competition you need to win to stick out in this very crowded industry.

2. A unique approach to the market

What do Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Belichick all have in common? Each of them understands, attack, and solve their problems differently than their competitors. They are not looking towards other successful people or companies as examples of what they should do. They stay relentlessly true to their beliefs and allow their unique vision to naturally separate themselves in the market. The cybersecurity industry is no different. Find what makes you different, and then double on that and ride your differences to success.

3. They are never “offline”

Cybersecurity is a global market and people need to know that you are reliable around the clock. The most successful people have an up to the minute understanding of everything in their market and if they could be doing anything to move their team forward. Your customers likely have workers monitoring their environment well into the night, if not around the clock. Your level of activity and availability has to match at least that of your customers. 

4. They act decisively

Particularly important for those at a young company, every minute spent in the planning phase is an additional minute given either to the established players in the industry to further entrench themselves, or every other young company fighting for market share. This is not to say planning is important, rather that it’s important to make a decision and commit to an identity and a path as opposed to drawing a decision. 

5. They constantly self-evaluate

After any task is completed at your work you should take a moment to honestly evaluate your performance. Admit where you struggled. The knowledge alone will encourage you to be aware of those shortcomings in the future. Also, recognize your successes. Take what works in one situation and keep that for the rest of your time in the industry. 

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By Account Executive, Kevin Pascale

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