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20 Questions to Ask Before Buying a SOAR Platform

20 Questions to Ask Before Buying a SOAR Platform

Buying a SOAR platform can be difficult. The CyberSponse SOAR platform has been designed to make this process easier. However, SOAR within the Cybersecurity space is not only one of the fastest-growing industries, but also seems to always be a hot topic. As a result, cybersecurity is presently a very crowded space. When it comes down to choosing the best SOAR vendor, you need to ask the right questions to ensure that your requirements will be met, the ROI is right, and that you are spending your money wisely to prevent any type of cyber breach. While going through this process we highly suggest you go to Gartners SOAR platform reviews and find out what clients have to say about the platform you’re looking at!

Here is what you need to ask before buying a SOAR platform:

  1. What is the underlying philosophy that drives your cybersecurity capability? If I am going to pay you for your platform, I want to be sure I understand what makes you as a vendor tick.
  2. What is the value of your product and how is it going to help my team become more efficient?
  3. What is the projected ROI of the SOAR product?
  4. What are the main features of the SOAR product?
  5. Describe the roadmap and brief history of the SOAR product. How can we be assured that innovation to keep the product relevant in the future is continuous and we are not left with an outdated solution?
  6. How should we use your product to achieve our use case requirements as closely as possible?
  7. What limitations does the product have, especially regarding someone’s specific use case?
  8. How can you integrate easily into my workflow? Whether I am looking to leverage automation to help with alerting, adding additional context to investigations, or otherwise, I want to make sure that you aren’t going to create a bunch of additional work and manual labor for my already overworked team.
  9. How much effort is needed from us to ramp up the use of the product? How much effort should we expect to need to maintain it and the use cases and workflows?
  10. What makes you stand out as the best vendor?
  11. How do you stack up to your competition and other SOAR platforms?
  12. Have you sold into my specific industry? What is the key feature that helps someone in my industry?
  13. In how many countries do you operate in and does your product support multilingual support?
  14. Do you offer 24/7 support and can you provide your SLA support services?
  15. How will this product help my overworked and short-staffed team?
  16. Can you give me some information on your backend architecture?
  17. How much time will this product save you vs. how much time will you need to put into it?
  18. How experienced does a person need to be in order to run this product?
  19. What are the pricing model of your product and the overall cost?
  20. Why are you not already using the CyberSponse SOAR Platform?
Now You’re Equipped to buy a SOAR Platform!

After you ask these questions, you will find the most equipped when buying a SOAR platform that will, in the end, make your company more secure. Review these questions when you are looking for a SOAR or any cybersecurity vendor.

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By Account Executive, Sean Joyce

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