Automate, Orchestrate, & Survive

CyberSponse is the first enterprise automation and orchestration platform that combines both cyber security solutions with human intuition.


Before CyberSponse

Alert Overload
Lack of Staff
Misconfigured Tools

After CyberSponse

Actionable Data
Machine Automation
Data Validation


Before CyberSponse

Spreadsheet Nightmares
Manual Reporting

After CyberSponse

Task Management
Proactive Collaboration
Real Time Metrics


Before CyberSponse

Job Termination
Another Breach
Increased Risk

After CyberSponse

Thought Leadership
Adaptive Security
Brand Reputation

People Processes Tools

Connecting the dots with


In the complex internet of things with security operations, it can be frustrating to deal with the flooded information and lack of knowledge when it comes to handling incidents.

CyberSponse connects the dots between humans and machines enabling a security team to work in alignment with their environment. With CyberSponse’s security orchestrator, organizations can enhance the productivity of their staff and extend the functionality of their tools by combining all of their efforts together into a single console.

Security Orchestration

a smarter and quicker approach

Create Velocity for your Security Team

CyberSponse correlates essential data from your security tools, internal and external threat intelligence feeds, and other integrations to help your security team analyze threats.

Security teams will have access to actionable data to quickly make informed decisions to execute playbooks that will automatically trigger jobs to their security tools or notify other parties about the escalated incident.

By keeping humans and machines on the same pace, security teams have a smarter and quicker approach to handling threats.

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CyberSponse Module
Cyber Security Integrations

Work with what you have

Flexible and Scalable

We understand that no two organizations are alike. Managing a security architecture is an art form and we aren’t in the market to tear up the masterpiece. Instead, CyberSponse frames your architecture into one picture and allows your organization, both staff and tools to work as one.

CyberSponse extends your security team by being capable of integrating with many third party security products. Whether the connection be via REST APIs email ingestion, or command line interfaces, CyberSponse has the ability to connect all the security technologies into one place acting as an interpreter that will assign tasks for the team to complete and fire off actions for the tools to perform automatically.

By combining CyberSponse’s integration, automation, and orchestration, security teams are powered with the visibility to see the most important and contextual data, and they have the flexibility to make decisions and execute actions that will keep the SOC on the same page.

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Customize to your needs

It's your tool

Many times, companies spend plenty of resources to onboard new team members and train themselves to use a certain platform because it was built under a single framework. Our platform is developed to work with you instead of you trying to work with it. Once familiar with the CyberSponse platform, customizations are simple to create.

Instead of coming up with workarounds and complicated process to try to get programs to work with you, simply customize the CyberSponse platform to adhere to your standards, procedures, and even language.

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