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Today's Incident Response

60% of all cases, attackers are able to compromise an organization within minutes.
It takes an average 256 Days to discover a malicious attack.
85,611,528 records were exposed in 2014.
47% of breaches have been caused by malicious attacks.

Will your company experience a breach?

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Not "If", but "When"

In today’s world of advanced technology, we can no longer operate on the premise – will our company be breached?
The more accurate question is – when will our company be breached? There is no question.
Your company will experience a breach. It will absolutely happen. The question is WHEN.

The next question is – are you prepared to respond QUICKLY?

The Numbers Behind Incident Response

In 2014, the cost of a data breach globally amounted to $3.59 million. $170 per record is the average cost per stolen or lost record. $6.53 million was the total average cost of a data breach in an organization in the U.S in 2015.
Are you Next?

Are you prepared for a breach?

The key to business survival after a breach is preparedness. Have you prepared your company well enough to respond quickly to a cyber attack? Quickly is the key word and a timely response is the only way to substantially limit damage caused by a breach.

Average Response time to an incident by respondents.

Through recent studies and research, organizations are not able to respond to incidents quickly resulting in slow resolution.
Over 50% of the respondents claim they either resolve the incident within 2 years or more, or even worse,
the respondents weren’t able to determine whether the incident was resolved or not.

Why CyberSponse?

Why CyberSponse?

The CyberSponse Security Operations Platform (CSOP) automates incident response.
Exceptional planning and organization make a difference in defending against an attack.
The ability to consolidate all of your current security tools into one dashboard translates into time saved and productivity.

Status reports at your fingertips and in-platform internal communications eliminates tedious work from Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and tracking emails. This new productivity and efficiency allows for smart decision-making.

This sets you apart from other companies in your efforts to defend against and respond to an attack.

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