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How often does your security team experience latency in performing daily operations? Is your team understaffed? Feel like you are drinking from a fire hose?

With explosive growth technology in SIEM, IDS, Malware Analysis, Threat Intelligence and other security solutions, the amount of data intake, team productivity and response efforts becomes highly inefficient when switching from one solution to the other or when managing a security team via email, Word documents and spreadsheets.

CyberSponse centralizes security operations and automates the flow of actions, efforts, task management, and control to resolve security incidents, mitigate threats, decrease confusion, and eliminate email inbox overflows.

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Role-based access control allows you to focus on your job

CyberSponse gives the ability to restrict and assign permissions for data to any amount of roles, security groups, and positions in your organization.

By utilizing security groups, CyberSponse helps manage an efficient team workflow by defining roles and tasks specific to the person's role in the incident.

Customizable Platform, CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform

Not just another Painful Integration, Simple & Fluid

With a fully scalable security platform, CyberSponse is able to adapt to any use cases and vertical in dealing with Security Events and Incident Management whether it be Physical Security, Corporate Security, Cyber Security, Incident Response, Business Continuity (BCP), Disaster Recovery or Law Enforcement.

Customizable Incident Response Platform, CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform Scalable XML Metadriven Architecture, CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform

The Platform

CyberSponse’s Patent Pending XML metadriven architecture platform can help evolve your system into a solution that will solve any enterprise requirements.

Beyond Incident Response

With an immense library of modules and features, CyberSponse's customizable platform expands itself to be more diverse than the typical IR software and becomes a solution for all of your operational needs.

The platform is available to be deployed on cloud and on-premise.

Incident Response, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Corporate Security - CyberSponse Security Operations Management Platform

The real cost of a Data Breach

Cyber security and protecting customer data continues to be top of mind for not only banks, but retailers, software firms, and any company that stores valuable data. These days it seems like not a week goes by without a report of another high-profile data breach.

While data breaches are costly for retailers and for banks that have to reimburse customer losses due to fraud, there is also a significant cost to consumers as well. Overall, the true cost of data breaches is significantly higher than one would think, according to multi-factor authentication provider Authentify.

Manage your Incident Response More Efficiently
Source: InformationWeek - Bank Systems & Technology
Cost of a Breach, Incident Response, Incident Breach

CyberSponse is your Single Pane of Glass portal for all of your security operations.

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