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The Next Generation of Cyber Security: Zero Day Response

Secure Communications
Integrated Risk Management
Threat Intelligence

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CyberSponse streamlines your organization’s incident response

Protect sensitive data and brand reputation from advance cyber threats.

Cyber Security Threats

Cyber Threats are one of the most serious economic challenges organizations face today.

Breaches in 2013
were malicious attacks

Data stolen was
attributed to hacking

Businesses are not prepared
for a cybersecurity incident

Incident Response Statistics 2013

Incident Response Statistics 2013

The Cost of Ineffective Incident Response

Shown time and time again, cyber attacks are going to happen. Substantial amounts of time and capital are used responding to unpreparedness and ineffective management in cyber security.

For every breach and compromise that has resulted in making news headlines a growing number of incidents are continuing to happen today.

Cost per company - $5.4 million

What CyberSponse Does

Identify. Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover.

Threat Intelligence & Analysis

Identify threats and which resources have been affected. Automatically determine threat results in a secure sharing environment using analysis on the characteristics of threat behavior, not its signature.

Containment, Eradication & Recovery

Secure, acquire, and document evidence. Mitigate vulnerabilities as they occur and optimize your existing security tools, endpoint protection, SIEM or ticketing system with CyberSponse’s integration capabilities.

Post-Incident Activity

Engage in after action review of the compromise. CyberSponse enables users to collect evidence, manage cases, and interface with law enforcement. Organizations and CSIRTs improve and optimize their incident response and prevention capabilities for future cyber threats.

CyberSponse is an enterprise platform designed to manage risk, protect valuable records, and lower costs of compliance.

How It Works

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CyberSponse Features

Secure Environment

CyberSponse is the only patent pending multi-level enterprise security platform with layered in security features: Role Base Access Control, Secure Login, Two-Factor Authentication, Encryption, and more.

CyberSponse Features

Reports & Analytics

CyberSponse is a database driven environment with every action, login, task, message or event logged and recorded which can be later extracted with some of the most enterprise analytics tools available.

CyberSponse Features

Asset Management

CyberSponse’s technology provides a true asset management database and relationship based engine. Assets can be assigned to incidents, events, resources or team members for fast engagement.

CyberSponse Features

Threat Intelligence

CyberSponse provides onboard threat intelligence, malware analysis, and research tools all native for our users. We partnered with the most robust threat intelligence vendors and technology providers to further mature your cyber security positioning.

CyberSponse Features

Secure Communication

NIST Standard SP800-61 V2 dictates that security teams should not use email to manage their operations. With a secure channel communication including messaging, chat, conference calls, CyberSponse becomes a nuclear bunker.

CyberSponse Features

Customizable Platform

We acknowledge that every customer and SOC is run differently with a different set of tools and process plan. Our technology offers the means to white-label our technology, customize the user experience and field data to fit business needs.

Gain Complete Visibility over Cyber Security

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